I wish I could have met him.


Our progress was put in check.

He doesn't have so many books as she.

Everybody in the picture is smiling happily.

He wondered to himself why his wife had left him.

I know I love you.

Mr Smith sued them for damages.

Where's the bottle opener?

Can we get started?

I don't remember losing my memory.

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I can't go on living this lie.

I couldn't stand to see you leave.

Do we need a Plan B?


Jef and John pretended they were brothers.

Where were you 3 years ago?

Thank you for your letters.

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In Singapore, a way to punish criminals is to whip them, or hit them several strokes with a cane, on their backs.

Look after them.

Has someone died?

Julia came here by himself.

Why are you beating me?

Be more flexible.

Gnomes live in this forest.

It won't do us any harm if we talk the matter over.

A funny thing happened to me today!


Here's the good one.


I'd like to put something in the hotel safe.

Grass now grows on the path that once led to the church.

I'm in no mood for games.

I don't have the time.

Do you know of any person for me to rely on in Canada?

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Mario wouldn't be surprised if Kevyn decided not to go.


Just give it to me.

She was ready to help him with cleaning the house.

I've already told you what I think.

Sanand wanted a pedicure.

She hit him again and again.


What's your favorite snack food?


I knew Alfred wouldn't be here.


He is crazy about skiing.

She lied to you.

Isometric exercise is good for muscle tone, but doesn't provide much of a cardiovascular workout.


It's not the same thing.

Saumya, Billy, John, Alice and I used to sing together.

Let's throw a party.


I'm afraid of losing you.

It's become dark.

These days it's important to know how to drive.

I am self-catering.

That makes me really sad.

Why would that surprise you?

That rule holds good in all cases.

When did you first meet her?

I jumped for joy when I heard the news.

You should stay in bed for three or four days.

They searched for the girl.

I'm bored at home!

She didn't want to disappoint her father.


I'm meant to be much more than what I've become.


I have nothing to ask forgiveness for.

You should have known better than to go out in the rain without an umbrella.

You lied to me, didn't you?

The cat jumped in surprise.

Did you take the money?

It breaks my heart!

I'm sure Celeste will love it.

Pradeep has already given me permission.

It seems that Cathy likes music.


I tried to escape.


I want to buy a new pair of shoes.

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Ireland and England are separated by the sea.

We celebrate Christmas every year.

The concert was all but over when I arrived.


Why don't you like us?

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Kenton pulled down the blinds.

I want to see a movie.

I just added some potatoes to the stew.

What was the question?

I have been to America twice.


No one was able to help them.

Someone told me Kee left her husband.

He nodded slowly in comprehension.

Will you be so kind as to convey my compliments to her?

You can do better than this.


I may have to get rid of her.

I'm glad I have a friend like you to confide in.

He disregards his wife every time she asks to cuddle.

He wore red pants.

We found it difficult to walk in the deep snow.


This lost him his life.

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I don't want to believe you.

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I did half the work; I think I can rest for a bit.

I actually saw a ghost.

I've been working for some time here.

Her name was spelled wrong.

Malus told Marek that he was happy.

"... in other words, sex!?" "Geez, you don't beat around the bush!"

You should try to find somebody closer to your own age to date.

They caught me with my pants down.

I visited a lot of different areas in England.

What's your favorite video game?

I tried to call her back.

He guided me to the palace.

John Kerry opposed this idea.

Do you have any foreign stamps?

Corey drew a circle in the sand with a stick.

Will this change things?

He was sent to save the princess.

Do you think you can find the time to read this before the meeting?

A ghost writer is a writer who writes for someone else, and the latter, for practical purposes, is considered the sole author.

Hey Susan, how are things?

I overheard Ravi and Jennie talking.

I do not need money now.

Murray is stalking me.

Kitty usually uses credit cards instead of cash.

Without a doubt, he's an honest man.

She needs us to show her the way.

When did they give you the ticket for the concert?


I don't like him any more than he likes me.

The government will adopt enforcement measures to solve this problem.

She went out to buy some food.

He was in prison for life.

I know there are hidden fees.

The actor is making up.

Larry said he had half a mind to throw in his job and hitchhike around Australia.

Why are they doing this to me?

Richard Nixon dropped from public attention.

She wanted to know what had really happened.

These wild flowers give off a nice smell.

This is a restricted area.

This is not a cat, it's a dog.


We tried to get Patricia to come.


I was in Canada then.

I am putting my baby into the bed.

He lies to you all the time.

We can open the window.

I'm sure I can persuade him.

Marlena can swim, too.

He was passing by on his bicycle when he heard a cry for help.

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He called her cell phone.

Suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution of the consciousness and the burning up of the ego.

Have you ever been robbed?

What day is it today?

I might not have told them that.

There were cracks in the cup so the drink leaked out.

We had no trouble.

Ben couldn't get the door to close all the way.

Eli was depressed when she saw photos of her friends on Facebook at a party she hadn't been invited to.

He was looking for his daughter.

I learned a new thing.

Well, make sure to remember the most important words.

They're out of their minds.


They got off at the next bus stop.


It is regrettable that young Japanese today should show little interest in the traditional culture of their country.

Who could've done that?

The boss could not approve of what one of his men did.

Do you have a lawyer?

Child abuse is against the law.

What's your favorite nail polish?

How did you find the keys?

We called the party a great success.

Duke took out some coins and handed one to Nathaniel.

Skeeter told me about the fire.

Either stop talking or say something worth hearing.

We have different ways of thinking with regard to this issue.

Everyone's waiting.

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I'd like to speak to him.