I'm ready for the challenge.

What do you think you're doing out here?

My sister is famous.

Klaus promised to help Elvis with her homework.


Why was I not aware of this?


What do you want to know about my job?

He is a man of great ability.

We had an early lunch.

If you really need a job, why don't you consider working for Harry?

What else did Heinz do?


Sid seems to be hiding something.


I've been in prison for three years.

I examined one.

I was trying to make sense of what had happened.

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Winnie has nobody to turn to for help.


Did Vicky say where he was?


All the arrangements for the wedding are done and dusted, and it should be a great day, if the weather cooperates.


I'll call for you at three.

I'm not going to turn her in.

Please mail this form to your insurance company.

He asked me to dance.

The police charged Sachiyo with the murder.


But unfortunately, this will not occur very soon.

Prices will continue as they are.

What has Shyam done?

The mother's mother is a nurse.

I borrowed my father's hammer to build a dog house.

I'm not feeling like joking.

Do you often hear from Venkata?

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It would be funny, if it wasn't so tragic.

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She received her friends without fuss.

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I'm closing this operation down.

I'm surprised you didn't bring Lawrence along.

I know that my hip hurts when it rains.

There was general panic.

Thai people call their country's capital Krung Thep. If you translate this it means 'City of Angels'.


"How about a cup of coffee?" "I'd like to, but I have a previous engagement."


Our high school decides to adopt a new teaching method.


I've started dating again.

I've been very happy lately.

Spurning every gift, he does not let himself be bound.

Mum opens the door.

I passed all my tests.

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The agreement was a product of compromise between the two governments.

I polished Pitawas's shoes for him.

I knew this would be hard for you.


We need to change direction.


Who can read the future?

It's difficult bringing up a child who is not your own.

Clark didn't apologize to Olaf.

She is scary-looking with all that makeup.

She was raised by her grandmother.


Petr didn't know that Shel's house was so close to John's.

He shouted at the top of his voice, "This is a battle we cannot lose."

Isn't this simply beautiful?

Have you ever switched on all the lamps of your house?

You probably think I'm crazy.

All the top teams of the UK are in the premier division.

Are you ready to leave?


Who made the sun?

They're a motley crew.

I'll try to memorize it.

I didn't even recognize Moran.

Hienz and Johnathan can't be in the same room.

Why did God make me so beautiful?

Have any of you seen them?

He learned to appreciate literature.

The universe is endless.

How do I know you're not bluffing?

I've got to be somewhere.


I'll have you home in time for dinner.


I'm a police officer.

She wept at the news.

Ken collects old coins.

Do you want me to stay with Raja?

Hume didn't give Pat a lot.

They accepted her as the city's best doctor.

She's very cunning.

I certainly didn't see this coming.

This soda is flat.


He didn't look happy to see her.

Alan had no other choice than to help Alexis clean out the stable.

Anatoly didn't like the concert very much.

We'll meet them there.

Sam doesn't have the stamina to finish a marathon.

Should we get Stewart?

I'll not make that mistake again.

Does bump mapping generate more graphics load than parallax?

I'm a huge fan of trains.

Vistlik can't come to the phone.

I've had a little bit too much to drink.

He's coy about his income.

I thank you for your gift.


I've got some rather serious news.

The crazier, the better.

They glanced at each other.

I'll see what's keeping Jerald.

Alexis put all his eggs in one basket.


Andre collects meteorites.

Raphael would be pleased.

Shuvra is a practical man.


Does she play piano?


Women are employed at a lower salary than men.

Henry seemed very sad.

That is a strange accent.

We are all in the same situation.

She'll be glad to see you, won't she?

What is some of your favorite new music right now?

I was right in front of him.

I lied to him.

Joanne's mother told him a story.

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None of us are opposed to his ideas.

There is nothing in this world constant, but inconstancy.

You should consider running for office.

I stayed behind to help Jane.

We've already settled that.

Ramiro is not a boy anymore.

The frost had a bad effect on the crops.

She hit him.

Sandeep ran outside to see what was going on.

Would you like me to help you with your suitcases?

You are sorry.

I'm a little early.

A lot of people are going to tell you that you shouldn't have done that.

Thomas jumped up, as if his friend were a ghost.

The farmer seeded the field with wheat.

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When was the last time you dived?

I can deliver that to her.

It is dark out of doors.

I entered Spy's room.

I know that feeling.

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Vicki gave Ramiro a hard time.

What is it that you want me to do?

The box was too heavy.

Sabu had been doxed.

Why is it that thought is so hard to explain?


I wish I'd been here to help Eugene.

Dwight voted for himself.

You've really fixed this place up. It looks good.


This job postion demands a lot of personal sacrifice.

Call 1-800 TATOEBA now for a free sentence.

At home we only speak Spanish.

It's not that nice.

Lenora wanted to get back to work, but Hans wouldn't leave.


Apartments are very expensive in New York.

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Do you really want to walk?

Slartibartfast knew Suzan was falling for him when she laughed at his terrible jokes.

Erick is going to have to live with what he did.

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Len felt compelled to speak.

We enjoy reading books.

Dalton could've been offended.


How can we possibly do that?


It was on the list.

Leslie left quietly.

I got several bites, but could not hook a fish.

Why don't you try to pay attention?

Can anybody tell me Joanne's phone number?

Vadim shot her.

Emmett became a car salesman, just like his dad.


Have I ever told you that you're the sweetest thing in the world?

Raif was curious about what Wilson was doing.

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.