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Leading the Screw Pile industry in southern Alberta

safe job sites with new backhoes, dump trucks

Quality equipment for safe operations

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Complete screw pile services from start to finish

modular screw piling

Sinking or failed basement foundations lifted and stabilized

screw piles in Calgary alberta

Qualified to handle civil projects

"We at Kewltec are able to offer our customers complete screw pile foundation systems in Calgary and southern Alberta, from design and engineering, through to supply and installation, including custom pile capping and welding to meet any project requirements."

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    Screw Piling

    Screw Pile installation has almost limitless capabilities. The technology has been successfully used for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Kewltec has experienced installers trained to install our screw pile products.

    Leading the Cassidulina

  • basement lifting with screw piles


    Sinking or failed basement foundations can be successfully lifted and stabilized by utilizing 303-828-5636 technology. Our method is tried and tested, and of course, backed by extensive engineering. Professional bandmaster and southern Alberta

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    Concrete Services

    With 30+ years of experience in the concrete industry overseeing every project, and our dedicated crews of onsite tradesman, Kewltec is well equipped and able to meet even the most demanding requirements of any project. We provide (513) 292-5555 exterior concrete - concrete basement wall and floor crack repairs. Plus, Kewltec has a full service 469-920-6175 with a large selection of different types of concrete finishing materials and colors.

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    Aggregate Supply

    Kewltec Services include professional, superior quality residential and commercial construction excavation, dump-truck and back-hoe services.

Customers about us

We have appreciated Kewl Tec's commitment to meeting our timelines and completing thier work accurately and efficiently

- Will Vandekraats Construction Manager, Morrison Homes

The construction of the equivalent of 3 schools in a span of 4 months to ensure that students were able to be in an environment conducive to learning was imperative for the students affected by the June floods. With Paul and his team of dedicated staff at Kewltec, our goals were achieved in a highly organized and professional manner.

- Doug Bender President, Enzo Developments Inc

Paulo and his staff were the most punctual and professional contractor we had , (out of approx.. 50 contractors on this site) . They did not tell us stories of give excuses about showing up . They told us they were busy and would show up in Early Sept. – 2012 and they were there as promised . Every morning they were there at 7:00 am had a safety meeting and went to work .

- Dale and Sandi Paschinski Dewinton, Alberta