I wonder if Spyros really did what Jorge said he did.

They gave him a chance to escape.

I wonder why women outlive men.

The meat served up was tough and leathery.

Have you read this morning's paper?

Lee said those were the conditions he had expected.

Don't listen to him.

It was a war no nation really wanted.

I have bought a lot of books.

Products made from petroleum are vital to modern societies.


Check out this necklace.

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Your examples are cherry-picked, nothing more than anecdotal evidence.

I try to save 10% of my wages each month.

Calvin had pockets full of cash after a lucky night at the casino.

That daimyo holds a fief yielding 100,000 koku of rice.

The thief entered the house at the back door by the open window.

Wind up the clock.

Could you take a picture of me?

I couldn't be prouder.

I got a smooth shave.

Many people pray before eating.

They went to church on Christmas Eve.

I'll give you a new one.

With a high, closed collar, figure-hugging cut, and large slits at either side of a straight skirt, the qipao is unique in its ability to communicate both modesty and sensuousness.


Religion is the opium of the people.

Are your hands free of dirt?

Be so good as to go and tell your sister, she has to finish sewing the clothes for your mother, and then clean them with the brush.

He dropped out when he was in the 7th grade.

Take some time off.


Can you guess her age?

The Japanese telephone system is highly efficient.

He never asked me to dance.

Can you please come fix it?

I can not comply with your request.

The reservation desk, please.

Rock breaks scissors. Scissors cut paper. Paper smothers rock.

I've never understood this.

My father is very angry with me.

He's popular with the students.

Do you believe that I would ask what that means if I understood it?


We investigated the matter from all angles.

Fine. Have it your way.

Whatever he says goes.

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She is not the kind of person you think she is.

Anderson is from Harvard.

I've been waiting for over an hour.

He opened his mouth wide.

Do you like it then?

The man cheated the old woman out of her money.

My son is a rebellious teenager.

I have a package here for a Mr. Smith.

Masanao is in the lead.

Maybe Terry will go to Boston with Lindsey.

I'm the humblest person on this planet.

The report has been recently published.

Spanish, Portuguese and other foreign conquerors had massacred South America's Indian inhabitants at an average rate of roughly "one every 10 minutes".

He continued to walk past currants, gooseberries, fruit trees and hedges.

I didn't know Rahul had a cat.

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Are your parents going to be home tonight?

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He writes in his diary every day.

Is that your new boyfriend?

Dylan enjoys gardening.

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We used to go skating every weekend.

Emily is staying in Melanie's house.

What would you like to do tonight?



Lorien will come at 2:30.

We desperately need more money to help fund our project.


I always carry a needle with me when I travel.


A messenger took the letter to the White House.


He's a real character.

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It is very simple.

Ray isn't very tough.

I think Malus is very smart.

On behalf of the government, the mass media are abused.

The management and the union were reconciled.


I ask about apples, and you answer me about pears.

Find out whether Harold has relatives in Boston.

The refrigerator preserves food from decay.


She dried her face and brushed her hair.

I saw what Ravindran did.

Raman is a surgeon.

Next Friday, I'm going on a date with a girl named Yvonne.

Can I get a copy of that?

They spied on her while she was bathing.

Please shut the door quietly.

Beverly failed to heed warning signs.

Mr Jordan was a little surprised.

I was talking to Dorian when it happened.

There's smell of naphtha.

I wish I could figure out how to fix this.

We must make arrangements with them beforehand.

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We're quite happy with the results.

We're not fortune tellers.

That's outside my area of expertise.

What're you after?

She's a looker.

Thank you for the introduction.

I just heard that Kylo and Suzanne are coming back to Boston for Christmas.


You look a lot like someone I used to know in Boston.

He always asks for your opinion.

The milk froze and became solid.

The dogs were closing in on the deer.

I decided it wasn't too late.

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We are checking our mailboxes.

I'm quite out of patience with you.

Everything will have to go.

That was unacceptable.

Time seemed to stop.

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Jun and Marcel bought a house in the suburbs.

I've never seen him in jeans.

The capsule won't come out.

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Asking questions is a good way to learn.

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What are the dates?

It is clear that Mike took the wrong bus.

I don't want to live anymore.


The boy threw stones at the dog.

I wonder if keeping your head down and living safely is a survival instinct.

Didn't I tell you to be here by 2:30?


That photograph makes you look like the cat that ate the canary.

I'll take a vacation this week.

You should be careful when you drive a car.

The average woman is taller than me.

He's coming to my country.

Polly asked someone sitting near the window to open it.

Nigel and Deirdre haven't come yet.

He's forever telling the same story.

In contrast to the dog, the cat has become domesticated only in recent times.

What's Sam doing in there?

Has the bell rung?

Anna said he liked what she had made for dinner, but he was only being polite.

How much did it cost us?


Is there practice every day?

Anita laughed politely.

Are you ready to celebrate?

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He stood out from the rest of the boys.

To hatred, I reply with pardon.

We've waited too long.

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Florian didn't want to make the same mistake that Sigurd did.

It's still light outside.

No one could work.

Where was your son?

Three guesses where I was yesterday!

I ran into an old friend.

An investigation established that the racehorse had been doped.

I want to find out what's going on.

Your friend is tiresome.

This pipe is carved from meerschaum.

Is there something wrong with me, Maria?


Willie was sitting at the bar drinking a Bloody Adrian.

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Floria often came here as a student.

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Joyce spent a lot of time with Hamilton.

Julius doesn't remember anything.

Martin isn't really sick. She's just pretending to be sick.

"I see," Dima sighed. "Sorry for the confusion, then. Enjoy your Fanta, and have a good day."

We've got bigger problems than that.

The fact that I usually go to bed after three in the morning shows that, with all my heart, I live in London's timezone.

Some people cannot bear traveling by sea.


Can you swim underwater?

We're about three blocks from the train station.

It's necessary to be three to enjoy a good story: One to tell it right, one to relish it and one to not understand it. Because the pleasure of the first two is doubled by the lack of understanding of the third.

In the middle of the wall at the back of the room is a large window.

Since her father's death, she has gone through a lot of hardships.


I'd like to speak to him.

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Rogue was responsible.

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She drove a van.