We're having difficulty finding someone who'll lend us the money we need.

You're bleeding again.


There's something very wrong here.

I broke the marriage vows that I had sworn to Don Jose, my husband.

The crazier, the better.

I've been looking for my keys all day.

We walked to my room.

Alain can show you.

Butler is a bad student.

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A comparable car would cost far more in Japan.

She has no self-esteem.

He has a great storehouse of knowledge about historical details but I seriously doubt that's of any use in life.

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I am studying English now.

What makes you think that we would be interested?

Kirsten liked to swim when he was younger.

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How much does it cost for one person?

It has become common practise to employ foreigners working abroad from Asian countries as maids.

Don't think I'm made of money.

I told you not to touch me.

I doubt Roderick will stick around.

The crafty thief hid in a tool shed.

Is it possible to drink salt water?

Have you bought the tickets?

Luis often talks to his dog.


Stop watching TV and start studying!

Can I ask you a quick question?

They should've contacted us.

Horst could hear steps approaching.

What has made you decide to work for our company?

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This isn't a violin. It's a viola.

It's a marvelous thing to do a play with him.

He felt uneasy in his father's presence.

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He will not approve.

Pierre doesn't feel like studying.

I was most grateful to Nick for his kindness.

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As an atom approaches the barycenter of a forming star, it trades potential for kinetic energy: the stuff of heat.

Do you like camomile tea?

We saw a jet plane fly across the sky.

Would it be all right if I visited you today?

The letter is for me.

I'm glad we understand each other.

Shortly after, they were married.

I know him better than anybody.

I think I need to talk to them.

The house fell down in an earthquake.

I can't hear myself think here.


This elevator's capacity is ten people.

I'll have Ted help you.

Stop dissing me in front of Tandy.


We meet every Monday night.


If i die today, I will be dead tomorrow.

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I wish I had gone to the theater last night.

He betrayed his friends for money.

You have the right to abstain from serving as witnesses.

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I bet all the boys want your phone number.

Let's see how this works.

He came in and immediately sat down.

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"Is the supermarket open tonight?" "Yes, it is open on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm."

Wash your mouth out.

A spacesuit is much more than a set of clothes astronauts wear on spacewalks. A fully equipped spacesuit is really a one-person spacecraft.

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Your shirt is wrinkled.

I have to stay for a while.

You won't like me.

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Is that why you came?


Laika, a female dog, was the first animal to be launched into orbit.


Victor didn't like the way Lana spoke to him.

She has no one to speak to.

It was very hard for me to find your flat.

Let's go wake her up.

An ugly duckling became a graceful swan.

Beth has a stress ball.

Couldn't you help me first?


We didn't know the box had holes in it. We lost half of the load along the way.

I want to hear from you, but only good news.

You must persevere before you can succeed.

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When the desire for leisure is stronger than the other urges, leisure wins.

I'm not sure what I'll do after I graduate.

Toufic needed work.

We are having a serious talk about your future.

Honest work never hurt anyone.

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Don't worry about me; hell is where all the interesting people go.


The rains came in torrents.


What did you come here so early for?

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He shooed the goose away and closed the door.

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You've changed your mind, haven't you?

It was real scary.

What can Joni do for them?

I love her, but I don't know if she feels the same way.

I relied on Janice.


It is impossible to resolve the conflict.

Spock and Nicholas walked for a moment in silence.

But unfortunately, this will not occur very soon.


Nichael said that he and Mysore are planning to go to Boston next summer.

I know what it means to me.

Nobody will believe his assertion that he is innocent.

Santa is still in good health.

Did you know that Jacobson's grandfather died of a heart attack?

Don't fire him.

I figured Mott wasn't old enough.

No one believes her.

They're working hard to get the cable laid in time.

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Would you like to drink tea or coffee?


It's like an elephant.

Could I ask why?

Everyone was dressed in a beautiful kimono at the party.

Dan was a mole selling top secret information to the British government.

I searched the drawer for the key.

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Since his childhood he wanted to become a pilot, and he did.

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I understand how you feel.

His negative attitude rendered all my efforts useless.

I'm on the porch.

All of the women in the room turned and glared at Betty.

I hope we didn't wake you.

Would you do me a favor by moving that chair over to the corner so that I can sweep the floor?

I understand what happened.

They cashed in on the second oil crisis.

Don't speak unless you're spoken to.

I only ate a bite of bread.

What would you have told her?

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Agatha's husband doesn't blame her for his problems.


I thought you wanted this.

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I took my car to have it serviced today.

He is beautiful like a god!

Kerry has a very decent salary.

The children soon fell into a sleep.

Jean is hungry now.

When should we make reservations?

Amy didn't play tennis, did he?

When will a new video come out?

Maybe Amigo will just leave us alone.

I will do it right now.

His real name was Mastro Antonio, but everyone called him Mastro Cherry, for the tip of his nose was so round and red and shiny that it looked like a ripe cherry.

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The heat really gets me.

For the past 10 years, I've fed my dog dry dog food.

There were a number of students in the room.

Tell her to help me.

That sort of flattery will get you nowhere.

His children as well as his wife were invited to the party.

They're not going to give up.

He impatiently asked for repayment.

I shouldn't have been so rude to Andrea.


What happened to the money I gave you?

He is my Mr Right.

I believe you want to help.

Everybody rushed towards me.

Sylvan wondered what Barney was going to do.

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I don't hug her.

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Don't make fun of old people.

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She's looking at you.

I wonder when the Civil War started.

Go to the garage.


Frederic says that he's in love with Hotta.

Once you've said something, it can't be taken back.

Mario could tell Beverly was interested.

I come from another planet.

The outdoor concert was canceled due to the storm.


I want you to bring her.

Do you know the name of this flower?

Do you travel a lot?