Whether it is from the angle of nutrite on, or security, marine fish are not necessarily better than freshwater fish, marine fish and freshwater fish are good fish, there is not […]

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Egg and sugar does not generate ideal conditions for sugar lysine, it has no toxicity. A large number of protein and a large number of tannins may form “stomach persimmon […]

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  There is no evidence that eating royal jelly can cause breast cancer. First-degree relatives with a history of breast cancer, late age at first birth, early age at menarche […]

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Daily use of detergent, health problems do not have to worry about. A substance called surfactant is the main source of detergent cleaning capacity, its oral toxicity is “low toxicity” […]

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  The sea is not because of the black skin of the sea to eat food containing zinc, copper, iron, rare elements, but because of too much direct sunlight, these […]

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