I believe you owe me an apology.

Amigo has gone into the tunnel.


You wouldn't be lying to me, would you?

Are you sorry for what happened last night?

Doug is the owner of a very big house.

I can't figure out why she didn't come.

You don't need to attend every argument you are invited to.


It is kind of pretty, isn't it?


We were both busy.


God's will is unquestionable.

And yet, the contrary is always true as well.

I appreciate the courtesy.

Did Nadeem say where he went for his summer vacation?

There is no opening in our firm.

If the pain continues you have to go to the doctor.

Arthur didn't understand, but Nicolas did.

Not one was left alive.

He got wonderful results.


My dream is to become a firefighter.


In order to compensate for the country's aging population, the government has decided to take steps to significantly increase birth and immigration rates.

We deep-fried the turkey.

Read this story!


The dishes are piling up in the sink.

Oranges are sweeter than lemons.

Why don't we go and see a movie?

Woody was able to get there in less than twenty minutes.

The idea they put to us fell in exactly with what we ourselves had in mind.


If nobody's here, just leave a message.


My husband and I are calling it quits.


I lost my health insurance.

There is no one right answer to this question.

Be patient with Donn.

We two know that you two lie.

What did I ever do to her?

She will take her dog to the river.

My dog is blind, but he loves to go out for a walk.

Stan should be here pretty soon.

Now, don't be late.

Do you want to go grab some lunch?

Why would we want to help them?

Loyd wanted to become a carpenter like his father.

I have some questions to ask Nadeem.


Whatever you do, don't say anything to upset Frank.

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If you put your mind in your sword, your mind will be taken by your sword.

In future, be more careful with your money.

I have been in the hospital for the last month.


Sharon knew what was in Valentin's suitcase.


The ship sunk and all hands were lost.

How do you know those guys won't try to kill us?

I can see you are having an awesome time.


Come at two o'clock.

Again, we can see this approach as deriving from Matthew Arnold's idea that everywhere there is connection.

She stood among the boys.

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What do you say to that?

America is very big.

When I was young, I was a bit scruffy and there were times when I didn't take a bath for up to two weeks during the summer.


Sofoklis doesn't seem convinced.

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I need a keyboard to be funny.

I know how important he is to you.

Please close the door behind you.


I'd stay away from Sherri if I were you.

She has been cherishing that flower.

I thought it was true.

She studies audiology.

Is that still true?

The only one who has a problem with this is you.

Cynthia, there's something I forgot to tell you.

Be supportive.

I'm glad you like it.

That's the sweetest thing I think I've ever eaten.

Start right now, and you'll catch up with them.

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I want to leave behind contributions to humanity.

People all over the world are anxious for peace.

There are many souvenir shops in the old city.


I was not present at that meeting.

The beaches in Shonan are very crowded on Sunday.

It just so happens, I'm a teacher.

Hubert offered to preside at the meeting.

Perhaps Martyn was wrong.

That's not relevant.

To tell the truth, I forgot all about your questions.

I need to leave.

I just wish I knew how to do that.

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Ilya asked Lester to give him a massage, but she didn't want to.

Does anybody here know you?

When Vin Diesel does pushups, he's not pushing himself up - he's pushing the Earth down.

Come taste!

Thank you. I used to play tennis in high school.

That seems unlikely.

We enjoyed the dinner to the full.


That was the last drop! I don't want to see you again!

She has a healthy life style.

Shadows hung to the walls like cobwebs.

They captured Fort Sumter after two days.

2016 was declared the International Year of Pulses by the United Nations General Assembly.

When a man reproached him for going into unclean places, he said, "The sun too penetrates into privies, but is not polluted by them."

I don't know when mom is coming home.

What does one profit from this?

I object to her going there alone.

Kaj said he didn't want to be alone with Toby.

It's the most logical explanation.

I am sorry to tell you that ...

Open from 10:30am to 4pm on Sat, Sun, and Mon.

I never got along with them.

The expense will fall on him.


She's my son's daughter. She's my granddaughter.

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Every camel has its hump.


One of them smokes in the toilet.

Many young men tend to commit the same errors.

A pound is a unit of weight.

Art is long, time is fleeting.

It feels like a dream.

He has endured physical and mental pain.

Have you ever lived in an old building?


I hate you both.

I don't think it would be a good idea to do that.

Why are you in Boston?

He's my senior by two years.

I'm going to go cry now.


Nguyen came here from Boston.

His heart filled with sorrow.

I have crooked teeth.

I'll borrow an umbrella from somebody.

Come on, just answer the question.

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What problems are you planning to resolve next year?

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The bear bites itself.


This chair isn't very comfortable.

What Takeuchi told you isn't true.

In his forties and fifties, a man is still a toddler.


Did anyone tell Surya where he should park his car?

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The students sat quiet all the time.

She is bad at sports.

I don't know anything about art.

Curt is having a good summer.

Look, there's my mom.

Rebecca's parents were murdered.

The cause wasn't immediately clear.

We're still planning to be there.

Because my mother was ill, I could not go there.

I'm pressing charges.

I need you to make a phone call.


She gave me a wide smile.

I think that this isn't correct.

Nhan is in Australia right now.

Eugene reached through the gap in the fence to try to unlatch the gate.

They say that the difference between art and pornography is all about the lighting.

Have you started studying for the exam?

Millions of wild animals live in Alaska.


You spend too much money.

Will you be the only person present?

Don't mix up comets and asteroids.

It was tempting.

It's not my job to do that.

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I gave Sandeep a huge hug.

That's my skill talking.

You were never very good at math.

Take as many cookies as you want.

Tell him to leave me alone.

I mistook you for your brother.

Dan didn't even try to lose weight.


Will you be taking a holiday this year?

Donn seems very sleepy.

I don't feel well at such a high altitude.