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World’s First Multidisciplinary and the Most Intense

Training and Certifications

Multidisciplinary Approach

360 Degree Security Perspective

Cyber Security related topics and social science including psychological war

Scrum Based Methodology

Agile Training Methodology

We have applied scrum based training and validated its efficiency from grads

Cognitive Abilities

Besides Technic, Mental Improvement

Besides cyber and social topics, we focus on cognitive functions and teaming

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Security Certifications

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Scrum based f2f training and multidisciplinary cyber security certification including penetration testing, incident management and response, malware analysis, criminology, psychological warfare, terrorism and profiling

Cyber Struggle Aegis

Self-study, simulation lab supported, SOC Analyst oriented hybrid certification including penetration testing, log analysis, traffic analysis, forensics, incident investigation, root cause analysis and binary exploitation.

Cyber Struggle aims at upbringing specialists having 360 degrees qualifications by adopting new generation fight and struggle processes, and with a new educational methodology accordingly.

Not War, It is Struggle

Cyber security has become a struggle which cannot be handled only within the framework of informatics security due to integrality between real life and cyber life. We need a new approach to cyber struggle which will include various disciplines within the framework of both national and institutional security

Therefore, we present the most different training program developing the concept of interdisciplinary cyber struggle, and contributing to the academic literature, and we aim at contributing to upbringing of competent specialists and to the process of cyber struggle.
In addition to Air, Land, Sea and Space, the most important operation area of now and the future is Cyber Space.

While contributing to your existing knowledge with the Interdisciplinary Cyber Struggle Program, also push your mental and physical borders. Strengthen your intuitions with real environment simulations. Enhance your experience with lectures involving practice

Corporate Trainings

Training packages prepared for corporates other than certifications

What Multidisciplinary Approach Covers

Offensive Topics

Penetration Testing, Binary Exploitation, Web, Network, System Oriented Attack Scenarios

Investigative Topics

Network Traffic Analysis, Log Analysis, SOC Concept, Incident Investigation, Malware Analysis

Adjunct Topics

Psychological Warfare, Unconventional Warfare, Criminology, Profiling, Terrorism

Cognitive Functions

Problem Solving, Mental Resilience, Decision Making under Pressure, Adaptation, Situational Awareness

Simulative Coverage

More than 100 homework, 300 exercises, labs and conflict management simulations


Team management, Team Coordination, Communication, Incident Management, Timing, Scrum

UK Chapter Ranger (CSR) Certification Training, Class 1 will start soon. Stay Tuned.

Ranger Certification Class 12 in Istanbul will start 6 April 2019

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We are Expanding

We are expending in order to bring this multidisciplinary value to all over the world. During this process our main focus is keep quality at top and same level in everyplace we established.

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