You clown you.


Detective Columbo is always in a frayed raincoat.


The United States and the Soviet Union have put space stations into orbit around the Earth.


They have mixed reactions.


Major Cold: It's the day of the year that the cold is most severe, but you could also say that Spring is just coming around the corner.

I know who started the rumor.

There was a sudden change in the weather.

I don't give a toss that you are tired.

The shopkeeper gave me thirty-three cents in change.


What did you buy?

In the morning, he was still in a bad mood.

It won't be long before we know the truth.

I'll take a shower.

Now that you have a car, you should come visit me more often.

There is a Picasso on the wall.

I wasn't sure what was going on.

What happens when you die?

Matti said that he doesn't want a promotion.


You cannot solve this problem with the usual method.


May I sit here?

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Ernst invited us to his summer cottage.

He is not likely to succeed.

Don't walk away from him.

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She has a funny face.

Let's go to the theater together.

I was called in for jury this morning, and I actually have to serve on a case.

The stores were closed due to the strike.

I don't think any of us should go.

When my doctor told me to eat more vegetables, he didn't mean French fries.

The birds are flying near the people.

It cannot reasonably be assumed that decreasing the dose would reduce the risk of side-effects.

Our house was broken into last night.


If we knew anything, we'd tell you.

These men had come to his country in three ships.

He ate bread with sour cream and cheese.

Hank's wife's name is Hughes and his son's name is John.

I folded my shirts and put them in my suitcase.


I just went to check something.

He went to the park, where he took a rest.

Say nothing.

Revised is very considerate, isn't he?

It is quite common for him to say so.

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I am in Iceland this evening, I'll be home tomorrow.

Trial and error is essential to progress.

They teach Chinese as a second national language in Singapore.

I'm sorry about being late.

The boys are throwing a ball in the back yard.

Stacy fell off his pony.

We have no idea how it happened.

I came here to play soccer.

A rose is a beautiful flower.


Romeo, believing that Juliet was dead, decided to kill himself.

Aren't you going to miss them?

Confrontations with tradesmen cause stressful situations.

You need to get to a hospital.

I knew we'd find her.

I bought a magazine in a store.

Fletcher must've gone ahead.


I'm not a fan of environmentalists.

I'll try and contact him now.

He is determined to go to England.


Toerless has to clean his room before 2:30.

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Many painful memories inhabited her mind.

Jelske had no idea what I was talking about.

He mistook me for my younger brother.

Investigate the cause of it.

I would like to tell you something.

I was just playing basketball.

You see, when you have just started a relationship you want to be close to each other don't you?

I don't think they will accept these conditions.

"Do you promise?" "Yes."


No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.


My family belongs to the neighborhood association.

I wish to send postcards to my friends in the United States.

It's no joke.

I don't know when he'll be here.

I didn't give up.

Dani didn't do this.

I can't really do that.


Jason is no bad guy, but rather a pitiable loser.

I'm fixing the radio I found on my way home.

I want to know what to do next.


She has a pretty doll.

Kate's wife asked him to quit his job.

I cannot thank him too much.

What strikes me here is people's friendliness.

She did it carefully.

I might need some convincing.

Ami filmed the tornado through his windshield.


You guys look lost.

She is already married.

I didn't know I was going to be giving a speech.

She suggested that I cancel the meeting.

She is upset.

Adlai told me that he doesn't have any brothers or sisters.

May I take your size, madam?

I hit it off well with her.

Write to me.

This is the first time I've kissed my father.

I'm awaiting inspiration.

Jagath was not allowed to board the plane because he did not hold a valid travel document.

I'm not taking a vacation this year.


I tried not to worry.


This is the surest way to succeed.

I have storage space.

I will not be able to fit in with the city life.

What do I think, you say ... well then, I'll give you my candid opinion.

Tareq is extremely skeptical.

This is the norm.

They both did well.


You need to come.

Sjaak is absent.

Martyn isn't looking.

I thought you were asleep.

Ro has experience as a veterinarian.


It's a pity Page can't come to your party.


Our teacher is a real idiot.

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I want a new smartphone!

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is a Nintendo video game sold exclusively for the Wii.

Your explanation lacks concreteness.


She will often sit there feeding birds.

Nichael rubbed his hands together.

Oblivia knows a good deal less than she thinks.

They boast of their bridge.

Leif is a good cook.

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We make not a few mistakes when speaking in English.


Is it true you addressed the manager in Chinese?

I want to eat purple potatoes.

He is quick to take offense.

My brother soon got used to living alone in Tokyo.

Raja lost his new watch.


We have achieved a lot.

Plastic confessed to murdering Steven.

I heard you were getting married.

It's our car.

You might be wrong.


A widow is a woman whose spouse has died.

It'll only take three minutes.

About how long will it take to get there by bus?


I'd better call Stagger again.


Has Kris broken something again?

Our factories are working perfectly.

Kaj stuck his tongue out at Olivier.

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Po had to stay at home all week.

There's a remote control under the chair.

The peacock has a truly gorgeous tail.


I think Mwa is stupid.

The students went at their work as the examinations approached.

The cabinet minister wound up submitting his resignation.


They were never to see each other again.

Maria spent several years investigating the history of Iceland.

They had a baby last week.

Ray made himself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

Liz seems quite busy, doesn't he?

Eliot was foolish enough to believe what Harry told him.

We just need some time.

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How much more of this do you think you can take?

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What kind of an idiot do you take me for?

Thank you for breaking my phone.

This squirrel is not shy.