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  • Why ?

    Keywords are significant when choosing a domain; search engines recognise contains relevant keywords to a market or subject. Relevance is vital if a search engine is to find what you are looking for as quickly as possible. Whenever someone searches for keywords relevant to the search engine will recognise the relevance your domain.


  • Why ?

    An advantage of a domain name like is it's click-ability. When choosing a search result, a domain containing keywords is already highlighted or in bold and so is more easily clicked. This encourages interest and can really increase engagement with your site.

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  • Why ?

    A domain name like holds it own relevance and communicates to search engines that incoming links are relevant to those domain keywords. A top site's strength lies in a consistent approach to relevant keyword linking, this is why it is the number one ranked website for so many Google search queries.

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What is it?

It is a town sign signifying to traffic it is about to enter your internet abode. It should be memorable and relevant to what you are or what you do.

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Brand Names

Some companies already have an associated brand name or wish to have a catchy title and want a brand name to match.

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Business Type?

For complete relevance, some companies name themselves with a 'does what it says on the tin' type approach.

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Mobile Devices and your Domain

Domain names help to identify your brand by giving sites a title (such as ) which becomes synonymus with your online or company brand.

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Catchy domain names with short slang-like names are often favoured to build a brand upon. didn't actually mean anything before the mobile > online broadcast service.

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