I’m Amar Amarnath

Hello. I’m Amar Amarnath#data #energy #tech pro who can build, transform and promote your digital capability to next level MORE LESS

I am Amar Amarnath


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I am Amar Amarnath

Head of Energy Information Management at Energy Economics Policy Think-Tank in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Working to democratize data aligned to improving understanding of energy economics and environment. Demonstrating leadership expertise in the areas of

  • Developing technologies for data, analysis, research, insight and business process transformation.
  • Adept at leading international teams and turning ideas into revenue generating technology platforms.
  • Expertise in transforming business processes to improve customer delight and margin growth. Industry: Energy, Technology, Startup
  • Building most valued GCC’s Energy Economics open data & models portal
  • Delivered “lead to cash” technologies in four months, enabled M&A growth ten fold
  • Built research insight products, improved customer delight
  • Achieved transformation yielding thirty percent EBITDA, saved eighteen millions dollars yearly
  • Developed data portals for eighteen fortune five hundred clients
  • BEngineer and master of business administration

World Exposure

I was brought on to help lead and grow data and technology competencies

  • Launched research systems from Saudi Arabia
  • Built and deployed tech products to advance research from North America
  • Built data products to advance supply chain from India and Malaysia
  • Developed technology and data teams in seven countries from four continents
  • Startup: GCC’s largest energy, economics and environment open data, models, apps portal
  • Growth: Scale to global business systems to grow ten fold and improve customer delight
  • Transformation: Scale research products to serve energy, financial, engineering, transportation
  • Consulting: Built consulting practice to deploy information systems for electronics industry

Here’s my interests, if you see synergy comment and let’s network

  • ⚹ Top: People, Life-wise, Startup Engage
  • ⚹ Data: Open, Analytics, Quality
  • ⚹ Tech: Portal, Ledger, Lead2Cash
  • ⚹ Energy: Upstream, Renewables, Economics
  • ⚹ Culture: Asia, Lifestyle, Travelling
  • ⚹ Leisure: Movies, Bikes, Off-road

Here’s my thoughts on data

  • Open data quality Data
  • Data analytic platforms
  • Predictive model algorithms

Here’s my thoughts on tech

  • Startups Tech
  • Lead2Cash
  • Ledgers

Here’s my thoughts on energy

  • Renewables Same as Before
  • Upstream
  • Economics

I am Amar Amarnath

I am Amar Amarnath

Information Management & Technology Executive

Strengths: Data, technology, customer delight

Industry: Energy research, Technology startups

  • Research Information Management
  • Developing data and analysis software products
  • Building lead to Cash business platforms

Lives in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, with a mission to complete the travelling quest to experience desert landscapes and far east countries with family. Enjoys the free time driving off-road and experiencing new cultures and lifestyle.

  • Dunes
  • Cultures
  • Beaches